Classic Plain Coving

Classic Plain Coving

Plain coving for a period or modern home

These are many of our best selling plaster cornice designs. No matter what the age of your property this plain run cornice adds style and elegance to any room. Nowadays plain plaster coving is often used throughout a home, Swan neck, Regency and ogee are popular choices as modern coving. We stock plain ogee coving designs such as MPC051, which we’ve seen used by customers to cove the whole house as it matches the detail in traditional architraves (door surrounds) and skirting boards.

How coving is used?

Historically plain coving and cornice was mainly confined to bedrooms and other rooms that were not seen by casual visitors, while ornate decorated cornice and plasterwork was used in the entertaining rooms. Nowadays the contemporary approach is often to use plain coving throughout a property. A lot is written about choosing the "correct" style of cornice for period properties. Back in Victorian times in particular though builders used a wide variety of styles from differing architectural periods. So we believe you should always buy the cornice you like at the price you like because that was, more often than not, what the original builders did themselves.

Samples and the quick and easy way to make the right choice

Customers tell us that plaster coving always looks better in real life than it does on a website so we offer coving samples for all of our range at £2.50 or £3.50 each. This is a quick and easy way for you to check the quality of our products and more importantly to ensure it is the best choice for your room. If you're finding it hard to decide which coving to buy online then why not choose a sample pack of seven of our best selling plain cornice for £15. We find that the majority of people who buy samples go on to place an order and then become regular customers.​

All our coving is handmade from the finest gypsum plaster and is supplied in 2.4 metre lengths; we carry large stocks available for immediate delivery, all at low online prices.