Inspecting And Handling Coving On Delivery - VIDEO

This video guide will detail what to expect when your coving is delivered. This video is demonstrated by a professional coving fitter so if you need assistance, please feel free to get in touch. 

There will be a small plastic hook that must be cut off; that was to hang the coving from when it dried after coming out of the mould.

When it comes to fitting your cornice, you will need to do  a fresh cut join to get rid of any scruffy bits on the end.

If there are any issues on the face of the cornice, your fitter will be able to use a plaster of paris to tidy it up. 

When handling your coving & cornice, please do it on the edge, even if it’s in a pack of five. If you carry it on its back or front it can be weakened and could easily snap in two.

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