Collection: Edwardian Coving

The Edwardian period was not actually a very long time span, Edward VII became King in 1902 upon the death of his mother Queen Victoria and only reigned until 1910

However this relatively short period of time has become synonymous with a particular style, houses had large well lit rooms full of natural light, with wooden floors and high ceilings, coloured glass in the windows, while decorative plaster mouldings adorned the ceilings.

As with so many other elements of interior design, the Edwardian period marked the transition from the plaster designs of the Victorian period, to the more minimal designs of the prewar period. As a result you will find a huge variety of plaster coving and ceiling rose designs in Edwardian houses. We have collected here some of the most popular, remember none are right and none are wrong, but all can be found in Edwardian properties, in the end what matters, is what you like.

Especially popular were the Swan neck plaster cornice designs, stylish and ideally suited to the high ceilings, their detail accentuated by the large amounts of natural light pouring into the rooms, designs such as LPC030, MPC065, and LPC073 are extremely popular with clients restoring Edwardian properties.

Whist ornate plaster ceiling roses were still popular with the Edwardians such as MPR061 or LPR026, plain plaster ceiling roses were also becoming increasingly popular such as LPR074

Plaster panelling on walls and ceilings was also commonplace and our design MR016 is highly typical of the period.

Edwardian houses offer a fantastic opportunity to be creative with your choice of plaster mouldings, and samples of all our plaster coving designs are available, to help you make your perfect choice.