How to Plan Your Coving Job - Video guide

This guide will provide you with the necessary information that goes into planning a coving job. 

As always, you will be explained by our experienced coving installer, Mark Draper. 

First things first, is measuring the room. Remember, you need to measure up high as that is where the coving is going. 

We’ve measured the room and we have 6 metres on the first wall and the opposite one. As well as, 1.5 metres on the final two walls. 

This gives us a total of 15 metres. 

As our coving is in 2.4 metre lengths, we are going to need 7 lengths to allow for a 10% wastage to finish the job. 

If this is your first time doing coving, you may want to think about ordering an extra length for any mistakes or breakages.

We’ve just finished the job which is 15 linear metres which has taken 5 hours to complete which is an average based on the work from 2 experienced fibre hands to complete. 

Now when you’re pricing your job, you will need to take into account: 


  • The amount of cornice you will need to put up
  • The mitrees whether they’re external or internal 
  • The type of cornice
  • Size of the cornice (price of fitting is more than the supply)

These are just some of the handy tips that we feel will benefit your job. Please remember, fitting is normally more expensive as you’re hiring two experienced individuals who can come in and do the job.

Essentially, you’re paying for the experience of the fitter!

One final tip from us:

Fitting plaster coving is not the same as Gyproc cove from a standard DIY store. If you’re not confident about fitting it yourself then give us a call and we can sort out a price for you. 

If you want your plaster coving delivered to you, then please check out the areas that we serve as well as our delivery times & fees to ensure we get your materials to you as quickly as possible. 

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