Collection: Art Deco Coving & Ceiling Roses

The Art Deco style originated in Europe especially Paris at the beginning of the last century, Art Deco became popular in the UK after the end of the first world war and continued in fashion until the outbreak of the second world war.

Art Deco designs were mass produced in the 1930’s and were characterised by geometric and angular profiles, the use of shiny materials such as chrome, glass and mirrors, highly polished wood and high gloss lacquered finishes.

Also popular were stylised designs from nature such as sunbursts flowers and shells, and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 resulted in pyramids and sphinxes being incorporated in many art Deco designs for the home.

We have a number of geometric art deco plaster cornices in a range of sizes suitable for all ceiling heights , including MPC077 where the projection of 170mm is larger than the drop of 50mm, very useful where customers want an Art Deco style plaster coving but the ceiling heights are low, or there is little room above the windows for a plaster cornice.

Popular again is the stylised floral design of our art deco plaster ceiling rose LPR040 which is available in three different sizes.