Collection: Medium Ceiling Roses

Our medium plaster ceiling roses

Medium sized plaster ceiling roses are a traditional feature in many period properties and are also a popular decorative feature in modern homes. Plaster ceiling roses were once moulded in sections on site, however the introduction of gelatine moulds in the 1850's reduced their cost and allowed them to be produced in one piece off site, and their usage spread, their original purpose was to protect the ceiling from the heat of candles or gas lights, they are now purely decorative.

Victorian ceiling roses were known in their time as 'centre flowers' and were standard in all Victorian properties from the humblest terrace to the grandest detached villa, increasing in size and complexity accordingly.

Plaster ceiling roses can be broken down into four constituent elements, an outer 'border' often a rope design and then an inner 'body' which is often a floral motif and then the 'centre' in the middle on which is the fourth element called the 'seed or 'drop'. The drop is missing nowadays from most modern plaster ceiling roses to allow for an electric cable and rose.

The medium size ceiling roses are quick and easy to put up and all come with next day delivery at £8.50 per rose (capped at £42.50). If you are planning to completely redecorate we also have a wide range of plain and decorated real plaster coving that complements this range of plaster ceiling rose mouldings, all at unbeatable online prices.