Collection: Edwardian Ceiling Rose

The reign of Edward VII only lasted from 1901 to 1910 but this period has become known for its transition in style from the often ornate Victorian Style to the plainer modernism of the pre war years.

Edwardian houses typically have high ceilings large windows often with coloured glass designed to let as much light in as possible, timber floors and a full set of decorative mouldings, timber skirting boards architraves, plaster cornice and plaster ceiling roses

Whilst the move was towards plainer less ornate styles, many houses still had highly decorative plaster work, with panelled ceilings, Plaster cornice and ceiling roses.

Examples of the more ornate plaster roses would be our roses LPR072 and the slightly less ornate LPR026 and of the plainer roses that became increasingly popular and are still very popular today LPR074 and MPR073 , a popular moulding for panelled ceilings is MR016

Edwardian plaster ceiling roses came a whole range of types and styles, and we have gathered together here some of our most popular with customers who have Edwardian houses.