Our floral coving and cornice

Floral patterns have featured on cornice for millennia and the timeless appeal of acanthus leafs in particular are suited to a Victorian or a contemporary setting. In this section we feature floral coving that is crisply moulded and draws heavily on Mother Nature. In addition to beautiful acanthus leaf cornice we have styles depicting roses, vines and even combined with geometric designs like Egg & Dart.

The quality of the moulding is impressive and is handmade of the finest gypsum. Mechanically produced cornice in modern materials like plastic is little more than a parody of the real thing. Order a sample of LPC022 or LPC023 and witness how the bas relief moulding is so vibrant and lifelike. We stock floral cornice to suit all tastes from bold and elegant designs to pretty delicate patterns. Cornice to impress your guests or to sooth you before you fall asleep.