How to Measure Plaster Coving & Cornice - VIDEO

This video is designed to showcase how to measure up a plaster coving & cornice.

The first thing to do is find a wall, the shortest wall with two internal mitres. You then want to cut a piece of cornice to this length.

We offer the cornice up until it sits right. A good way of telling this is the top members and bottom members should be square off the wall. 

When you find where the cornice sits, we need to make marks on the top and the bottom. 

We then measure down which we call the depth and across, known as the projection. 

Therefore, we have the projection for mitres and the depth to mark all the way around the room.

Once you’ve got your depth and projection, you want to mark in every corner of the room and the depth down the wall and the project from out of the ceiling. 

For walls where it’s over a full length of cornice, it’s advisable to use a chalk line to snap the line, so we’re going to keep the line of the cornice really consistent. 

Have a partner go down the end of the room so you can see the depth mark, snapping the line to ensure that it is ready for your coving installation.