Plaster Coving Sample Pack

Plaster Coving Sample Pack

It is easy to choose between two or three different plaster coving or cornice designs, but when you are faced with ten or more different coving designs which often do not look all that different they tend to blur into one, so how do you choose? It can be hard to picture the difference between one design and another, how to visualise the difference between a coving with a 100mm drop and a coving with a 90mm drop? We like to help with this problem and for a long time when customers have ordered coving samples, we have sent extra samples that are of a similar style to make decision making easier.

The easy way to choose plain coving

Help in choosing plaster coving

Often it was the alternate designs that we sent that customers have then chosen to order rather than their original choice of coving designs and the reason for this is that some coving designs are more photogenic than others meaning that some very good looking designs are often overlooked. To make the choice easier and to make sure customers get the chance to choose from the full range of coving and cornice, we have introduced a coving sample pack.

There are seven different coving samples in the pack and all of them are best sellers and here are three reasons why you should consider ordering a sample pack of plain plaster coving.

  1. Customers are frequently surprised at the size of some of the coving samples they have ordered online. We have for a long time added extra coving samples to those chosen by customers finding on many occasions it is a smaller coving design than originally chosen that they go on to order.
  2. On a website it is difficult to choose between similar looking designs. It is far easier to decide when you have a sample of the actual coving in your hand. Not only can you see how the coving will look in your room you can also feel the quality and finish of our cornice, which we know often exceeds our customers expectations.
  3. The coving can be shown to your builder before you order. (If you do not have anybody to fit your cornice we can recommend coving installers in most parts of the country).

If you still need any help with choosing coving samples please call 0161 524 0862 and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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