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Swan Neck Coving Sample Pack

Swan Neck Coving Sample Pack

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Swan Neck Coving Sample Pack

Swan Neck Coving is one of the most instantly recognisable styles of plaster coving, Swan Neck cornice became popular in the Victorian era, and is characterised by the long elegant sweep of the cornice coming up from the wall and across the ceiling. The same swan neck profile was common in Georgian and Victorian furniture and is often seen on the pediments of Grandfather clocks.

Today putting Swan Neck plaster coving back into a Victorian house is one of the best ways to restore the original period feel of the property, it is especially effective around chimney breasts where the external corners frame the walls and show off the swan neck profile at its best. Though it is now, equally popular for newer properties from the Edwardian period through to the present day

We have a number of different sizes and varying swan neck profiles to suit all ceiling heights and sizes of room, although we try to get the best photographs we can of our coving in situ, many people prefer to see the different styles and sizes before ordering. Our swan neck coving sample pack contains six different swan neck coving designs, in a range of sizes that should cover all different types, sizes and styles of room, if you have a particular requirement for example, very high ceilings please make a not with your order and we will send you the six most suitable designs.

Everything that is included will be in stock and available for immediate despatch. In the past we have sent out samples and delivered a coving order to the same customer all within a week, so if you need cornice in a hurry but want to check the quality first then we can still help you.

The £15.00 charge(inc VAT) covers the delivery cost. Alternatively you can still order individual samples of any of our plaster coving products at £2.50 or £3.50 each

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