Large Ceiling Roses

Large Ceiling Roses

Our large plaster ceiling roses

A finely moulded real plaster ceiling rose adds style to any room. It provides the supporting backdrop to your central lighting display, a stage on which you can let your creativity cut loose. The fashion for the ceiling rose to be the main decorative feature on an otherwise plain ceiling first took off during the Regency period (1811-1837).

During Victorian times the rose flourished and for many years they were elaborately coloured. The advent of gas lighting in well to do homes saw the new gasoliers hung from ornate ceiling roses that contained vents to draw the noxious fumes outside. The amount of dirt produced by gas lights, made redecoration of ceiling roses a frequent necessity consequently many original roses are often found caked in layers of old paint.

Plaster ceiling roses were originally moulded in sections on site, however the introduction of gelatine moulds in the 1850's reduced their cost and allowed them to be produced in one piece off site. Their usage rapidly spread and they became a standard feature in Victorian properties from the humblest terrace to the grandest detached villa, and increased in size and complexity accordingly.

"A rose by any other name"…during Victorian times ceiling roses were known as centre flowers and also as ceiling centres and medallions. The etymology of ceiling rose in English is thought to be sub rosa. In the middle ages a rose suspended from the ceiling of a council chamber pledged all present (those under the rose) to secrecy or confidentiality. Well now the secret is out about our beautiful range of large plaster ceiling roses, which are all over 600mm in diameter.

At this size it is advisable to fix them with several countersunk screws into the joists as well as using adhesive. All our ceiling roses are quality plaster mouldings available from stock and sent by next day courier, all orders placed before mid-day will be delivered the following day.