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Classic Plain Sample Pack

Classic Plain Sample Pack

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You can order individual samples of any of our plaster coving products at £2.50 or £3.50 depending on size. Alternatively if you're finding it difficult to visualise how coving might look in your room, this sample pack could be a great help and here are three reasons why:

  1. Customers are frequently surprised at the size of some of the coving samples they have ordered online. We have for a long time added extra coving samples to those chosen by customers finding on many occasions it is a smaller coving design than the originally chosen one that they go on to order.
  2. On a website it is difficult to choose between similar looking designs. It is far easier to decide when you have a sample of the actual coving in your hand. Not only can you see how the coving will look in your room you can also feel the quality and finish of our cornice, which we know often exceeds our customers expectations.
  3. The coving can be shown to your builder before you order, which is important because not all builders are capable of fitting this type of quality coving and those who can like to be prepared. (If you do not have anybody to fit your cornice we can recommend coving installers in most parts of the country).

The samples are predominantly taken from our medium sized range with a drop of between 80mm and 120mm and include seven of our most popular plaster coving and plaster cornice lines. Everything that is included will be in stock and available for immediate despatch. In the past we have sent out samples and delivered a coving order to the same customer all within a week, so if you need cornice in a hurry but want to check the quality first then we can still help you.

The £15.00 charge(inc VAT) covers the delivery cost. Alternatively you can still order individual samples of any of our plaster coving products at £2.50 or £3.50 each depending on size.

We give a 10% discount on coving orders over £700. 

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