Most Popular Plaster Coving

Most Popular Plaster Coving

We are often asked which are our most popular styles of plaster coving, the answer depends on the age of the property where the coving is being fitted but once we know the type of property the plaster coving is for, it is easy to recommend the most popular plaster coving styles for that type of property.

Older Victorian and Edwardian houses with their high ceilings are especially suited to the swan neck plaster coving designs such as LPC018 and LPC073 both of these are original Victorian coving patterns. We sell a swan neck coving sample pack which features a selection of swan neck coving designs and sizes

For the hallways and landings of Victorian and Edwardian houses plaster cornice featuring modillion blocks both looks good and is true to the style and age of the house for a decorated plaster cornice LPC019 is very popular and for a plain modillion cornice LPC020 is also popular.

For the bedrooms of Victorian and Edwardian houses and where there are lower ceilings and traditionally a plainer plaster cornice would have been used, and MPC051 and MPC039 are both very popular, both of these are ogee plaster coving patterns.

Moving to more modern houses, where the ceiling heights tend to be lower, MPC065 and LPC030 are both smaller Swan neck coving designs and these are very popular along with dentil plaster coving MPC075.

We have several very popular small plaster coving patterns for this without the ceiling height to take a larger plaster cornice and these are suitable for all ages of property MPC046 and SPC014 being very popular sizes of smaller plaster cornice

As a general rule if you ceilings are more than 10 foot high have a look at our large plaster coving section and for ceilings 8-10 foot have a look at our medium plaster coving section and for rooms where you have not much room for plaster coving because of lowered ceiling heights and window architraves have a look at our small plaster coving.

If you need any help or advice regarding plaster coving please send us an email or an online chat or call 0161 524 0862 or 0204 538 7491

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