How much plaster coving can you fit in a day?

How much plaster coving can you fit in a day?

We are often asked, how much plaster coving can you fit in a day? there is no simple answer, the amount of coving that can be fitted in a day depends on a number of factors. In this blog post we are going to explain the different factors that will affect how quickly plaster coving can be fitted, which should allow readers to work out for themselves, how much of their particular coving can be fitted in a day.

Fitting plaster coving is a two man job, and as an average you would expect to fit around 25M of one of medium plaster coving in one day, the factors that will influence this are.

  • The size of the coving, the larger the coving the longer it takes to fit, there is more filling and fixing involved.
  • Is the plaster coving plain or embellished? A complicated design of Acanthus leaves will take longer to joint and fill, than a plain ogee plaster coving.
  • Are the walls and ceilings uneven? It takes much longer to compensate for uneven walls and ceilings when fitting plaster coving.
  • The room needs to be clear, fitting plaster coving is a messy job although we try to be as tidy as possible, and the ideal time to do it is in a clear room just after it has been plastered, if there are things in the way to work around it will take longer.
  • If we are fitting plaster coving in a whole house, it is faster than just a single room as we do not need to set up every morning and equipment and materials can be left on the job.
  • How many mitres are there in the room, an average for a room would be 8 mitres, four corners and a chimney breast, less than this will be faster and more will be slower.

After your plaster coving has been fitted it will need around two days drying time before it can be decorated, this will allow the casting plaster we use to fill the joints to dry out.

Here are some pictures of real life jobs showing the range of situations we encounter, the clearer your room is the faster and cheaper it will be to fit your plaster coving 

The three pictures below show homes where all that had been done was to put covers over some of the furniture. Needless to say, fitting coving in such rooms is slow, difficult and much more expensive for the customer.

However if your rooms are like this, fitting your plaster coving will be quicker and more economical.

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