Prepared to be wowed with our ceiling coving!

Prepared to be wowed with our ceiling coving!

Last Summer we were proud to be part of the highly acclaimed interior event of the season, Wow! House 2023. WOW!house is a unique 500 sq m showhouse, built within the Design Avenue at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Its 18 full-size rooms are created with world-class interior designers, working in collaboration with globally recognised design brands and incredible suppliers. 


Known as the Oscars of the design world, this exciting and immersive show, allows visitors to experience first-hand what is normally out of reach. ‘Plaster Ceiling Roses’ felt privileged to be involved in such a prestigious event.


Our collaboration was showcased in the principal bedroom created by renowned designer, Natalia Miyar. Natalie is an architect, designer and the founder of Natalia Miyar Atelier. Natalia has designed more than 80 residential and hospitality projects worldwide. Recent UK work includes a family town house in Notting Hill and a statement penthouse in Knightsbridge. In May 2022 she unveiled the interiors of her first hotel, The Twenty Two.


“Our goal is to pioneer a sense of wonder; to amaze and inspire by showing the world what extraordinary achievements can be made when our talented industry comes together in such an ambitious and exceptional way,” says Claire German, CEO of Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.


Out of all our cornices, Natalia chose the ‘Swan Neck’ coving for her principal bedroom design. It’s a popular choice among architects, designers, and homeowners who appreciate fine details. The coving is handmade from high-quality gypsum and was widely used in Victorian times. We offer three sizes: LPC030 (125mm drop), MPC065 (100mm drop), and LPC017 (170mm drop). Despite its Victorian origins, this coving style is also popular in modern properties. Its exquisite design and exceptional quality make it a standout feature that enhances any room’s appeal.


To complete the Principal Bedroom, the walls were covered in Colony’s botanical olive green ‘Sagano’ wallpaper as a decorative backdrop. There was also a fabric-framed canopy bed and handcrafted pieces, such as a vintage screen sourced in Mexico, and a handmade walnut screen, upholstered in custom Colony fabrics in shades of green. 


Natalia said of her design “This is my absolute dream bedroom. I believe that bedrooms should be serene and cosy but also glamorous, and filled with the objects you love the most. The entire room is in shades of green that are both uplifting and soothing, with a collection of paintings, drawings and ceramics that are each hand-crafted and bring contrast and depth to the room”.


Transform your space by choosing our Large Victorian Swan Neck cornice, you’re sure to make a statement by adding a touch of Victorian charm and sophistication to your interior design... and prepare to be wowed!


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