Bournemouth: Plaster Coving, Cornice and Roses

Bournemouth, a charming coastal town located on the south coast of England, boasts a rich architectural heritage with a plethora of Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian houses. The town's historical housing stock reflects a blend of elegant designs and intricate details, capturing the essence of a bygone era. From the grandeur of Westbourne's Victorian villas to the timeless elegance of Branksome Park's Edwardian residences, each village within Bournemouth tells its own unique story through its architectural treasures. With their distinctive features such as ornate facades, sash windows, and decorative moldings, these period houses exude a sense of timeless charm and sophistication.

At Plaster Ceiling Roses, we take pride in offering an exceptional range of high-quality, traditionally made plaster coving, cornice, and ceiling roses. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, our exquisite products are designed to elevate the interior decor of these period houses to new heights of elegance. With our extensive collection readily available in stock, you can effortlessly enhance the character and charm of your home. Moreover, our fast delivery service ensures that you can enjoy the transformation without any long lead times. Don't settle for an incomplete interior decoration - let our meticulously crafted plaster elements be the crowning glory of your period home.

Whatever type of property you have in Bournemouth, we are sure you will find the right plaster coving on our site, for any further information please contact us:

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Delivery to Bournemouth

Whilst we deliver across the entire county we often deliver to the following and surrounding areas:

Westbourne (BH4, BH13), Branksome Park (BH13), Talbot Woods (BH3), Meyrick Park (BH3), Canford Cliffs (BH13), Alum Chine (BH4), Lilliput (BH14), Sandbanks (BH13), Boscombe Manor (BH5), Southbourne (BH6), Hengistbury Head (BH6), Tuckton (BH6)