Plaster Coving Victorian 235mm Drop XLPC004...

Plaster Coving Victorian 235mm Drop XLPC004

Plaster Ceiling Roses

£19.59 per metre Plaster Coving Victorian 235mm Drop XLPC004
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Drop: 235mm | Projection 205mm | Width: 310mm

Plaster coving is supplied in 2.4M lengths and is priced per metre. This is our largest decorated coving and is a classic Victorian design featuring Acanthus leaves and the egg and dart pattern. This is a large heavy cornice and needs to be securely fixed to the walls and ceiling. Please see our installation video - we recommend you use professional installers for a cornice like this, as skill is required to fill the joints and especially the corners (mitres). Skill is also required to get the pattern to run through. We can recommend fitters in most areas if required. This cornice should also only be filled with casting plaster or you may have problems with cracking and the joints later. Casting plaster is also required to get the best finish. The video shows this cornice in a new build house in Cheshire with ceilings of around 10ft in height.

If you measure your plaster coving needs and order an exact amount then one wall could end up being finished in small off-cuts. To avoid this we recommend you order 15% extra to ensure longer lengths are used wherever possible as this will create a better finish.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length
**Includes VAT