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Plaster Coving Plain 75mm Drop MPC060

Plaster Coving Plain 75mm Drop MPC060

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Metre or Sample

Drop: 75mm | Projection:75mm | Width: 110mm

We have this plain plaster cove in four separate sizes:

75mm - MPC060

100mm - MPC079

120mm - LPC077

150mm - LPC078

Our coving is priced and ordered in metres. Coving comes in 2.4 metre lengths, but is sold by the metre. This simple plain plaster cove is often what first comes to mind when people think about plaster coving. It’s possibly the only design we sell that can be bought elsewhere, except this is made by hand out of casting plaster with a fine smooth finish, rather than by a machine and faced with paper like plasterboard. It’s the quickest and easiest of all coving to put up and is usually chosen by customers wishing to match existing coving in their homes.

If you measure your needs and order an exact amount then one wall could end up being finished in small off-cuts. To avoid this we recommend you order 20% extra to ensure longer lengths are used wherever possible as this will create a better finish. This coving comes in maximum 2.4m lengths.

**Our coving is priced and ordered by the metre, not per length**

**Includes VAT**

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