Ogee Plaster Coving MPC039 - New House Essex

This customer originally planned for his builder to fit the coving as part of the price of building a new house, however when he saw the range of coving the builder asked him to choose from he decided to look for his own coving.

He chose our 120mm ogee coving MPC039 and ordered over 200 meters for the complete house. Soon after delivery the customer called saying his builder wanted more money to fit the coving as it was more difficult to do because it was made out of real plaster and that he had now gone over his budget for the coving.

Brentwood in Essex is an area covered by our installers and we were able to give him a price for installing the coving, which was less than his builder was going to charge him originally. The photos show how good this traditional style of coving looks in a new build.

Ogee plaster coving MPC039.

Looking good in the living room.

Ogee coving in situ.

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