Victorian Decorative Plaster Corbel Medium PC011

Victorian Decorative Plaster Corbel Medium PC011

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£23.88 Victorian Decorative Plaster Corbel Medium PC011
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Height 300mm Width 130mm Projection 135mm

Used throughout the centuries our medium sized corbel PC011 looks good in a Victorian setting. The leafy scroll under a stepped capping it has just the right hint of classicism that makes it ideal in a formal or a Gothic setting. It is suitable for use under a lintel, a shelf, or could be used as a pair to frame an internal doorway. 

The word corbel hails from the Latin corbellus however the origins of these scrolled brackets actually extend back further to the temples of ancient Greece. Don't get hooked up on its pedigree though, that just means it will always look classy. These corbels can also be a nod to the past in a contemporary setting, the type of detail that carries off the shabby chic look.