Victorian Ceiling Roses

Our Victorian plaster ceiling roses

The plaster ceiling rose Victorian Collection is designed to give you a wonderful choice of attractive, handmade ceiling mouldings that reflect the period. The use of plaster ceiling roses took off during the Victorian era driven by technological innovation. Prior to Victorian times plaster ceiling roses were moulded and assembled in sections on site, however the introduction of gelatine moulds in the 1850's reduced their cost and allowed them to be handmade in one piece off site in plaster workshops. As a result their usage spread and intensified in the latter half of the 19th century.

Their original purpose was to protect the ceiling from the heat and soot of candles or gas lights, nowadays they are purely decorative but still provide an important backdrop for your lighting. Floral motifs were popular in the more feminine (with)drawing room and parlour. During the Victorian period they were commonly known as 'centre flowers'. Ceiling roses were standard in all Victorian properties from the humblest terrace to the grandest detached villa, increasing in size and complexity accordingly. Our Victorian collection is carefully chosen to reflect this diversity both in terms of the styles and sizes of the range. What's more they are all handmade in the traditional fashion. Ceiling centres of a period designs.

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