How to Transform your Bathroom with a Ceiling Rose

How to Transform your Bathroom with a Ceiling Rose

Why are Ceiling Roses used in the Bathroom?

Our most private spaces are the ones we often neglect to design, and bathrooms are at the very top of the list. 

This is a place of relaxation and self-care, and possibly where we display the worst of our art, or hang our diplomas / awards over the toilet! 

If you think about it, bathrooms are actually the rooms we use every single day... So why not make sure they are aesthetically pleasing? 

Whatever the size, bathrooms don’t need to be bland, and you don’t have to spend a huge amount to make your bathroom a little more beautiful. 

Simple features like a ceiling rose can make all the difference to the feel of your bathroom.

Our plaster roses will instantly elevate the overall look of any bathroom, whether you choose a simple or ornate design, a rose will add elegance and sophistication to your ceiling. 

Ceiling Rose Styles

Elevate your home with our handmade, finest gypsum ceiling roses. Our carefully curated selection showcases the latest design trends and timeless classics, ensuring that we have something for everyone.  

We have a large stock of period styles such as Art Deco, Georgian and Victorian, in a wide selection of sizes from small, medium, large and extra large, and we deliver across the UK

How to Measure & Prepare your Bathroom for a Ceiling Rose Installation

There are no specific rules... but things to consider when choosing a ceiling rose are the size of the light fitting, ceiling height and room size. 

We sell roses in sizes 230mm to 1300mm diameter. As a guide, larger rooms with high ceilings will ideally suit big ornate or decorative roses. Compact or narrow rooms with lower ceilings will need smaller roses.

A fail-safe way to determine what’s the right size ceiling rose is to cut out a circle of paper / cardboard to the approximate dimensions and stick it onto your ceiling in the position of the ceiling rose.

If you are replacing an existing rose, we strongly recommend ensuring your chosen design is the same size or bigger than the original. This will help to conceal any imperfections in the ceiling.

How to install a Ceiling Rose in your Bathroom

We have created an informative video for our customers; a professional Fibrehand explains how to fit a plaster ceiling rose to your bathroom ceiling.

He talks you step by step through the process of installation, from making sure the electrics are turned off; drilling or enlarging the hole for wires, applying adhesive and screws to hold it up, right through to filling the fitted ceiling rose ready for decoration. Learn more about to install a ceiling rose here.

How to Blend a Ceiling Rose with your Bathroom Decor

When choosing your ceiling rose you need to keep in mind the overall style of your bathroom. If your aesthetic is traditional, you may wish to select an ornate / intricate design, such as our elegant acanthus ceiling rose (code MPR061).

If you have a modern bathroom, and prefer a sleeker and minimalistic rose we recommend our very popular plain spun plaster ceiling rose (code MPR073).

After installation, we recommend painting your ceiling rose (it’s advisable to wait at least 24 hours). Consider the colour scheme of your bathroom, you may wish to paint your rose a contrasting colour to create a focal point. 

Before painting your rose, a ‘mist coat’ is required. This is a watered down coat of paint which is applied to dried, new plaster before you apply a standard coat of paint.

Our roses are made from gypsum, and have a permeable surface. It’s imperative to water down your first coat, (creating a ‘mist coat’), this will help the plaster to soak up the paint and create an excellent bond.

Without the ‘mist coat’ you’re likely to have poor adhesion between your paint and rose, and this could crack, flake or even peel off. 

Maintenance Tips for Bathroom Ceiling Roses 

A simple maintenance tip you can follow is regularly dusting your ceiling as dust may accumulate on your rose over time.

We recommend that you gently clean it by mixing a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water.

Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with the soapy water and gently wipe the surface of the ceiling rose. Make sure not to use an excessive amount of water as this may cause a hazard and damage your rose.

Benefits of Install Ceiling Roses in the Bathroom

  • Adding a ceiling rose to your bathroom allows you to incorporate a sense of your aesthetic and personality and therefore create a more relaxing and inviting space.
  • According to experts, like for like restorations that are in keeping with the home are more likely to add value to a property than stripping it of its unique features.
  • Adding coving and ceiling roses can help increase your property value. 
  • Lastly, the ceiling rose is an essential part of the light equation. Any luminaire that hangs from the ceiling does this with an electrical cable.
  • The rosette is a decorative detail that hides the lights cables behind an attractive design, this will enhance the natural beauty of your bathroom.
If you require any advice choosing any of our products or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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