Plaster Coving, Cornice & Ceiling Roses in Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, a city rich in history and architectural beauty, is home to a remarkable collection of Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian houses. The city's housing stock showcases the grandeur and elegance of these bygone eras, with intricate detailing, ornate ceilings, and stunning period features.

From the iconic terraced houses of Jesmond to the stately townhouses of Gosforth, each district in Newcastle upon Tyne boasts its own unique charm and character. Whether you reside in the leafy suburb of Heaton or the vibrant city center, these period houses stand as a testament to the city's rich heritage. 

At Plaster Ceiling Roses, we understand the importance of preserving the authenticity and beauty of your period home. Our range of high-quality, handcrafted plaster coving, cornice, and ceiling roses will elevate the interior of your house to new heights of elegance. With exquisite attention to detail, our skilled craftsmen create intricate designs that perfectly complement the architectural style of your period property.

From ornate Victorian cornices to delicate Georgian ceiling roses, our extensive collection ensures there is a perfect match for every room. With all items in stock and fast delivery to Newcastle upon Tyne, enhancing the charm of your home has never been easier. Without our meticulously crafted products, your interior decoration remains incomplete.

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Delivery to Newcastle upon Tyne

Whilst we deliver across the entire county we often deliver to the following and surrounding areas:

Jesmond (NE2), Gosforth (NE3), Heaton (NE6) Ouseburn (NE1), Quayside (NE8), Darras Hall (NE20), Ponteland (NE18), Tynemouth (NE30), Whickham (NE16), Morpeth (NE61)