Statement Ceilings - the fifth wall

Statement Ceilings - the fifth wall

In 2024, homeowners are turning their attention upwards... and embracing the concept of the ‘statement ceiling’.


The ceiling, or fifth wall as it is more recently being referred to, is a surface that is frequently disregarded in lieu of a quick coat of white paint. However, when given the thought it merits, it may truly make a big difference in the interior design.


Often, we just examine the four walls of each room when selecting paint and wallpaper while trying to decide among all the colour trends available to really nail a colour plan for a complete home. However, experts concur that’s a grave error. Recently a shift in trends  has taken place, declaring accent walls out of style in favour of colour drenching and something equally as exciting - the statement ceiling.


The majority of us tend to default to a white ceiling, but this may be a really wasted chance to give a space another level of design. Using the fifth wall as an accent wall can improve the design of your space and provide a striking point of focus.


So, how creative are you? We’ll never get bored of seeing Alana’s ceiling @delve.interiors which features amazing Renaissance inspired wallpaper... it’s truly magnificent. Alana paired this with our ceiling rose (Plain Acanthus 610mm dia. MPR061) and elegant plaster coving (Swan Neck 100mm MPC065).


Though accent ceilings are rarely given the attention that walls receive, they can be a really stylish and fun way to add colour to a room. This is especially true when combined with a unique statement light fixture, ceiling rose, coving, and a colour-popping or wall-papered ceiling.


A single statement wall can give the impression that the room is smaller than it is because it makes the painted, papered, or panelled walls stand out in stark contrast to one another. The complete opposite to a colour-drenched room, which feels expansive and engulfing. A decorative ceiling doesn’t provide that half-done feeling that an accent wall does as the ceiling covers the entirety of the space.


We say don’t be afraid of replacing the accent wall with an accent ceiling, it is a fantastic way to style a room, create instant impact, and ensure a unique, chic interior. 

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