How Much Does Coving Cost?

How Much Does Coving Cost?

Coving looks luxurious and can uplift any interior, and you might be surprised by the cost... coving can be as inexpensive as just £7.56 per metre. 

When it comes to the cost of coving, it’s important to consider factors such as the complexity of the design and the amount needed for your specific room. Our coving is  available in metre lengths and it is significantly more expensive if you decide to choose an elaborate design, however beautiful results can really be accomplished on a  reasonable budget.  

Coving Materials Prices 

The cost of the coving depends on the complexity of the design. Our prices start from £7.56 up to £29.50 per metre.  

Item Average cost

  • Standard coving £7 - £29.50 per metre 
  • Standard coving installation £150 - £300 per day 
  • Standard coving supply and  installation cost in 4.8m x 4.8m room £175 - £600 

Coving Prices by Room

The cost of coving will vary depending on how large your room is, what design you select and your location.  

For example, you will find that the price of installing coving in your bathroom will be different to your kitchen.

The average coving cost in the UK £37.50 per metre, for supply and installation of the coving. For a whole (average size) room, you’re looking at a coving cost of at least £335  on standard coving. If you’re looking for more ornate plaster cornice, the cost for the room would be more.  

If you're unsure, please contact us and we will be able to answer any questions on prices. 

Why Should You Install Coving?

Our coving is designed to add a touch of elegance, character and style to your interiors. Not only will it look visually interesting but our coving can add value to your property as it enhances the overall appearance and quality of the room.

Other positives of purchasing coving is that it can hide any imperfections in the walls and create a smooth  transition between the walls and ceiling. Coving can also help to enhance the acoustics by reducing echoes and improving sound quality.

Having coving in your room can also help to create a sense of depth and dimension, making the space feel larger and more visually appealing.

Design Complexity 

We stock many different coving designs, providing our clients with the best options of size and price. The cost of the cornice depends on the complexity of the design, prices start from £7.56 up to £29.50 per metre.  

We have a wide range to choose from; Plain, Egg & Dart, Dentil & Modillions to Floral & Ogee coving... it ultimately depends on your personal preference and the desired  aesthetic for your space.

Installation Costs

Fitting fibrous gypsum plaster coving is a skilled job and not all builders or plasterers are experienced enough to do it properly. Usually everyone can fit the paper faced coving sold in the DIY superstores but fitting fibrous plaster coving requires more skill. A tradesman who specialises in fitting this type of coving is known colloquially as a ‘Fibre hand’.  

Prices for professional installation may vary depending on the complexity of the job. If you would like us to recommend a fitter in your area, please call us

If you choose to undertake this as a DIY project, we have created helpful videos with professional coving installer, Mark Draper. Mark showcases the necessary steps to fit  your coving & cornice and helpful tips.

If you are fitting your own coving, our plaster ceiling installation tools are available for £39.50. The flexible mixing bowl is used to mix and hold casting plaster  for filling the tops and bottoms of the cornice and for also filling the joints.

We have a range of installation videos, which show these tools in use along with other helpful tips and advice on how to fit plaster coving

Timelines and Location 

We carry large stocks of all our coving and use our own vehicles and drivers for deliveries, giving us speed and flexibility. If you decide to place an order, please give us as much time as possible to deliver your products, this gives us the opportunity to plan more efficient routes, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We are able to deliver very quickly if necessary, especially in London and the other metropolitan areas. If you have a specific delivery requirement please call us prior to placing your order as we can deliver to nearly enough all cities across the UK.

Additional Costs 

When it comes to installing coving, there may be some other additional costs to consider.

These can include the cost of painting the coving, and refreshing the mouldings  such as architraves and skirting boards.  

We recommend painting your installed coving, this will add a finishing touch to enhance its appearance, while replacing mouldings (if necessary) can compliment the new  coving.

By doing this, your room will appear to look more fresh. The exact costs will depend on factors such as the size of the room and the materials chosen for painting and acquiring mouldings but it’s definitely worth considering.

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