Do I need a Plaster Cornice Fitter

Many people think that a general plasterer or builder can fit plaster cornice, some can but they will not be as fast as an experienced plaster cornice fitter who does nothing else, they will also often charge you more money as they price for it taking a longer time to complete the job, and also build in contingencies as they can not accurately judge how long it will take them.

We have lost count of the number of times we have had to go and sort jobs out for customers where our cornice has been fitted badly by inexperienced builders, here is an example from Liverpool where the cornice LPC019 was fitted upside down, we had to take it down, and turn it the right way up, we were able to save around half of it.

The price we charged for the whole job including taking down and reusing the cornice was less then the customer had been quoted by his builder to fit the cornice as part of his renovation work.

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