Decorating Ornate Coving

Spray Painting Plaster Coving

Even the best decorators will have trouble painting large ornate coving without leaving runs. It is also extremely time consuming to pick out all the details of Acanthus leaves or similar Victorian cornice designs with a brush.

The best quality finish can be achieved by spraying not only is it a much more even finish getting into every detail without running, it is also much quicker as multiple coats can be applied at one time.

The pictures above and below show one of our largest and most ornate Victorian Coving designs XLPC004 being painted and you can see the quality of the paint finish achieved

Not every decorator will have the specialist spraying equipment needed for this work, but it is well worth tracking down one who has.

We may be able to help you with details of a decorator in your area when you order your coving.

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