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The presenter, who is a familiar face on our TV screens on The One Show and The Martin Lewis Money Show, has just moved not a million miles away from her previous home and is embarking on a large renovation project. 


Home is now a beautiful Victorian property which she and her husband Michael Underwood are renovating. She’s tapping into the skills and expertise of local tradespeople. “I think it’s important to keep the period character of a place. And Kingston is full of history with its royal past and all the historic buildings around us so I’d like to play my part in that.”


The house was built in 1860, and Angellica’s mission was to try and keep the original features and where things couldn’t be salvaged or were missing, replace with the same look. Angellica loves supporting local businesses and tradespeople and we are delighted to have supplied her with some of our Victorian Acanthus Plaster Roses, Plain Ceiling Roses and Large Torus Pine Skirting. 


Angellica is no stranger to home renovating, having done work before. But she admits: “This is a big project so if you see me out and about you might just want to come over and offer me a hug – and any renovation tips greatly appreciated!” 


Angellica’s career has spanned everything from Children’s BBC, where she started out, to winning 2017’s Celebrity MasterChef. The Martin Lewis Money Show has recently been nominated for a BAFTA. Angellica is thrilled. “When it gets that sort of recognition, it’s wonderful and it’s a real testament to the skill of the production team. But at the end of the day, we don’t do it for the awards. What really moves me is when people phone in and talk about how the advice from the show has really helped them.”


It’s wonderful to witness her plans firming up for the interiors, and to see our products installed. If you want to see more from Angellica, hop over to her instagram account, @angellicabell where you will find creative concepts, exciting updates and progress. 


Plaster ceiling Roses supplied:

Victorian Plaster Ceiling Rose 850mm diameter. Product code LPR014

Small Plaster Ceiling Rose 230mm diameter. Product code SPR007

Small Acanthus Ring Plaster Ceiling Rose 360mm diameter. Product code SPR006

Large Torus Pine Skirting 6.5 inches. Product code SB005

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