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Traditional Plaster Coving and Ceiling Roses in London

Our London Coving Range is Victorian cornice collection by Plaster Ceiling Roses. Which includes both plain and ornate Victorian cornice, mouldings and profiles.

All our Victorian Plaster cornice is is hand made using the finest gypsum casting plaster in traditional moulds reproducing the finest details accurately and authentically.

The London coving range is made up of our customers favourite choices for properties in the Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill areas of London.

All the designs in the London Coving range are carried in stock and we are able to offer fast delivery throughout the Greater London area, we also have experienced installers who can quote for the installation of your cornice throughout the London area, it usually works out cheaper than getting other trades to install cornice, and it always gives you a better result.

We realise not everybody in London lives in a grand Victorian house and have a complete range of less ornate plaster coving and plain plaster cornice.

Whatever type of property you have in London, we are sure you will find the right plaster coving on our site, for any further information, please contacts us:

Greater London Delivery

Coving delivery throughout London.

Our London Coving Range

Plaster Coving Victorian Entrance Hall 175mm Drop LPC019

Regular Price:


A substantial large Victorian enriched plaster coving featuring an upper cornice decorated with Acanthus leaves. Also supported by finely cast modillions -which are also richly decorated with scrolls and Acanthus leaves - above an Egg and Dart moulding and a Dentil course below.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**

Plaster Coving Victorian Acanthus 182mm Drop LPC022

Regular Price:


A large Victorian plaster coving with undercut moulding and a wealth of detail, Finely-carved Acanthus leaves sit within a deep cove. For a matching ceiling rose, we would recommend LPR060 as it too has bold Acanthus leaves. This is one of the more difficult cornices to fit especially when it comes to the miter. Please follow the link to our installation guide where there is some useful advice.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**

Large Plaster Coving Victorian Swan Neck Drop 145mm LPC017

Regular Price:


This Victorian swan neck plaster coving has a drop of 145mm and a projection of 210mm as was the fashion in Victorian times. It projects far further across the ceiling versus the length it extends down the wall; we also have smaller version of this coving identical in every detail with a drop of 100mm (MPC065).

**Our coving is priced per metre,not per length includes VAT**

Plaster Coving Victorian 235mm Drop XLPC004

Regular Price:


This is our largest decorated cornice and is a classic Victorian design of Acanthus leaves and the egg and dart motif. Such a large heavy cornice and needs to be securely fixed to the walls and ceiling. Please see our installation videos for some useful advice. The video above shows this cornice in a new build house in Cheshire where the ceilings were 3 meters in height.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**

Plaster Coving Grapes & Vine 220mm Drop LPC023

Regular Price:


This large richly decorated plaster coving is an original period design and as you can see from the depth of the moulding it’s a substantial cornice. Originally a cornice like this would have been found in main rooms of only the grandest houses, making it ideal for restoration project. These days it has also become popular for restaurants and hotels.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**

Victorian Cornice Classic 135mm Drop LPC036

Regular Price:


This is a typical plain Victorian cornice, with a deep cove and a projection larger than its drop, meaning it extends further across the ceiling than it does down the wall. This is the classic Victorian profile which is so familiar, if you put this up in a Victorian house it will look like it has always been there.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**

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