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Medium Ceiling Roses

Diameter size
  1. 401 - 500mm (7)
  2. 501 - 600mm (9)
  3. 601 - 700mm (3)

Our medium plaster ceiling roses

Medium sized plaster ceiling roses are a traditional feature in many period properties and are also a popular decorative feature in modern homes. Plaster ceiling roses were once moulded in sections on site, however the introduction of gelatine moulds in the 1850's reduced their cost and allowed them to be produced in one piece off site, and their usage spread, their original purpose was to protect the ceiling from the heat of candles or gas lights, they are now purely decorative.

Victorian ceiling roses were known in their time as 'centre flowers' and were standard in all Victorian properties from the humblest terrace to the grandest detached villa, increasing in size and complexity accordingly.

Plaster ceiling roses can be broken down into four constituent elements, an outer 'border' often a rope design and then an inner 'body' which is often a floral motif and then the 'centre' in the middle on which is the fourth element called the 'seed or 'drop'. The drop is missing nowadays from most modern plaster ceiling roses to allow for an electric cable and rose.

The medium size ceiling roses are quick and easy to put up and all come with next day delivery at £7.50 per rose (capped at £39.50). If you are planning to completely redecorate we also have a wide range of plain and decorated real plaster coving that complements this range of plaster ceiling rose mouldings, all at unbeatable online prices.

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  • Plaster Ceiling Rose 470mm dia. MPR065

    Regular Price:

    This plaster ceiling rose is a classic design in a very popular size. The plain elegant geometric style of this rose works as a understated backdrop to your light fittings and its versatility makes it suitable for smaller rooms, or even entrance halls and landings. Once up and decorated it will look like its always been there.
  • Victorian Plaster Ceiling Rose 500mm dia. MPR022

    Regular Price:


    One of our more understated Victorian designs featuring acanthus leaves as a wide outer border with a plainly moulded centre, with an outer diameter of 500mm this is a very popular design. The diameter of the inner ring is 75mm.


  • Classic Ceiling Rose Plaster Ceiling Rose 520mm dia. MPR064

    Regular Price:


    Handmade out of the finest gypsum this clean and simple ceiling rose has a pleasing symmetry that is easy on the eye and a tactile quality that can't be replicated using other materials.  A duo of concentric rings are separated by a concave ring and border, which makes this the perfect complement to classic cavetto coving. It is new to our range but this beautifully plain and simple rose with its modest size has proved extremely popular (overall diameter of 520mm, diameter of the inner ring 70mm).  

  • Victorian Decorated Plaster Ceiling Rose MPR063

    Regular Price:


    This is a stunning Victorian plaster ceiling rose. The moulding is beautifully crisp and the acanthus leaf motif looks remarkably realistic. You will not get tired of looking at this richly decorated ceiling rose, which is a mini masterpiece in plaster. 

  • Ornate Victorian 520mm Plaster Ceiling Rose MPR062

    Regular Price:


    A typical victorian design, that once painted (the more coats the better) will look totally original in a Victorian house. This is a small ceiling rose ideal for halls landings and bedroom. If you are looking for something just as ornate except bigger, try LPR002, LPR001 and LPR004.

  • Plaster Ceiling Rose Plain Acanthus 610mm dia. MPR061

    Regular Price:


    At 610mm, (24 inches) diameter this is a useful size of ceiling rose, suitable for a wide variety of room sizes and ceiling heights. We also have a further variation of this rose (SPR006) which is just the central panel of Acanthus leaves at a 360mm diameter. Customers often buy both these roses.

  • Plain Plaster Ceiling Rose with Beading 610mm dia. MPR060

    Regular Price:


    This is a popular size of ceiling rose, with a diameter of 24 inches. It’s suitable for a wide range of room sizes. It’s one of our plainer ceiling roses, having only a single row of beading as ornamentation - if you are looking for something plainer still, our codes MPR064 and LPR032 may be what you are looking for.

  • Palmette Plaster Ceiling Rose 520mm dia. MPR007

    Regular Price:


    A plaster ceiling rose that really catches the eye. Around a central rosette radiates a leafy design of alternating palmette and anthemion that creates a pretty harmonious effect. The border of the medallion gives the impression of rays of light bursting through the cloud cover, or possibly alludes to the outline of a Tudor Rose. There is a lot detail on in a ceiling rose that is only 520mm in diameter.

  • Art Deco Floral Plaster Ceiling Rose 500mm dia. MPR019

    Regular Price:


    The larger version of this 1930's style design (LPR040) proved so popular that we introduced this smaller version (500mm in diameter) to our range. A pleasingly symetrical medallion in the form of a large flower with boldly moulded petals. It is a charming plaster ceiling rose that enhances and frames beautifully the lighting below it. Naturally it looks good in an Art Deco setting.

  • Classic Centre Piece Plaster Ceiling Rose 500mm dia. MPR051

    Regular Price:


    One of our best selling ceiling roses, its design is understated, pleasingly geometric and is a nice size for a room in a modern house or one from the 1930s.  

    Matched with one of our plain and stylish coving designs, this combination would really enhance the character of a room. The outside diameter is 500mm

  • Acanthus Satellite Plaster Ceiling Rose 600mm dia. MPR038

    Regular Price:


    This medium sized Acanthus leaf plaster ceiling rose is ideally suited to modern tastes, it has the period detail of acanthus leaves within a simple plain outer border.

    It will give a room a period feel without the heavy ornamentation of many period designs, the related products below show several cornice designs with which it is especially effective.

    The ceiling rose diameter is 600mm

  • Gothic Plaster Ceiling Rose 440mm dia. MPR002

    Regular Price:

    This plaster ceiling rose has a gothic feel to it with heavy relief moulding making it a very popular choice for Victorian houses, this rose is also available in a larger 680mm size, please see LPR001 in the Large Plaster Ceiling Rose section
  • Acanthus & Ovolo Plaster Ceiling Rose 500mm dia. MPR004

    Regular Price:


    This deep Victorian ceiling rose features large acanthus leaves with raised panels within an stylish Ovolo outer border. The ideal ceiling moulding to project Victorian style in smaller rooms. We also have this design in a larger size allowing the same theme to be used throughout a property.

  • Sunflower Plaster Ceiling Rose 520mm dia. MPR006

    Regular Price:


    Crisp moulding makes this sunflower plaster ceiling rose a popular choice for all types of property. It is an attractive vibrant floral design that will brighten up any ceiling; a timeless design that subtly complements and frames your light fitting without making too bold a statement. Additionally it blends well with many different types of coving and its 520mm size is just right for a modern house.

  • Rope Pattern Plaster Ceiling Rose 690mm dia. MPR29

    Regular Price:


    A plaster ceiling ring that can be used to enhance an existing or a new ceiling rose by adding another level of detail or as a standalone decorative moulding. This version is 690mm in diameter and the ring itself is 45mm wide so a ceiling rose less than 600mm will fit inside it.

  • Plaster Ceiling Rose 510mm dia. Acanthus MPR003

    Regular Price:


    A period ceiling rose, of Acanthus leaves with a central flower - one of a range of Victorian plaster ceiling roses we stock. If you are looking for this type of rose you may also be interested in MPR022, MPR006, MPR004 and MPR063. These are also popular Victorian designs around the same size.

  • Oval Plaster Ceiling Rose 790mm x 510mm dia. MPR021

    Regular Price:


    This ornate oval ceiling rose has a running design of leaves and flowers carved in high relief with an oval floral central panel. It’s very effective with some of our Victorian coving designs and has also been chosen by a number of customers renovating properties in France.

  • Rose Pattern Plaster Ceiling Rose 600mm dia. MPR018

    Regular Price:


    A great match for our rose design plaster coving, MPC044, this pretty plaster ceiling rose features a frieze of delicately moulded climbing stems, leaves, buds and flowers. The diameter of the inner ring is 85mm. All our ceiling roses are made by hand from the best gypsum plaster, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a completely different look to modern machine made products.

  • Art Nouveau Square Plaster Ceiling Rose 560mm dia. MPR009

    Regular Price:

    Art Nouveau ceiling rose, this square design is a classic, it can be used purely decoratively or with a light fitting, a big bold design perfect for recreating the style of the period.

    All our ceiling roses are made by hand from the finest gypsum plaster, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a completely different look to modern machine made products, traditional designs made in the traditional manner, giving a truly authentic finish


19 Item(s)