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Festival Plaster Ceiling Rose 660mm dia. LPR002


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A typical Victorian ceiling rose that incorporates elements from classical designs. Along with flowers and fleur de lys all substantially moulded to give it that unmistakable Victorian look. The Diameter of the inner ring is 120mm or 5 inches.

  • Outside diameter 660mm    Depth 60mm Inner ring diameter 120mm

    A richly embossed Victorian design featuring flowers and fleur de lys within a classical border of a Vitruvian scroll. This was a popular architectural moulding of the period which originated in Roman times, and around this is an outer band of petals. A true Victorian mixture of styles, it is 660mm in diameter and projects approximately 60mm from the ceiling at its deepest point. The diameter of the inner ring is 120mm.

    All our plaster ceiling roses are made by hand are individually cast. Traditional designs made with natural gypsum giving a truly authentic finish.