Plaster Coving Convex 100mm Drop MPC056...

Plaster Coving Convex 100mm Drop MPC056

Plaster Ceiling Roses

£7.29 per metre Plaster Coving Convex 100mm Drop MPC056
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Drop: 100mm | Projection 95mm | Width: 138mm

This plaster coving is supplied in 2.4M lengths and is priced per metre. MPC056 is one of the few designs where the middle of the coving projects out from the wall instead of curving in. It’s an old design that has been used from the Victorian period onwards and can be very useful nowadays for hiding pipework, where it is a much better alternative to boxing in pipes. If you are thinking of doing this, please order a sample first to check the coving will cover your pipe. We stock other profiles that can also be used for hiding pipework - MPC039 and MPC051.

If you measure your plaster coving needs and order an exact amount then one wall could end up being finished in small off-cuts. To avoid this we recommend you order 15% extra to ensure longer lengths are used wherever possible as this will create a better finish.

**Our coving is priced per metre, not per length
**Includes VAT