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As a general rule more elaborate plaster coving would be used in the rooms that would be seen by guests and the plainer designs in the rooms solely for the use of the family.

To create the best impression on visitors the grandest plaster coving would usually be found in the entrance hall, Original Victorian plaster coving designs such as our LPC 019 feature modillion blocks decorated with acanthus leaves with egg and dart and dentil mouldings.

Another very popular Victorian plaster cornice was the swan neck profile this will be instantly recognisable to many people and was often used in the principle rooms of Victorian houses, the external mitres are particularly elegant and swan neck cornice fitted around the chimney breast of a Victorian house is a familiar sight.

Today many of our customers choose to fit swan neck coving throughout their Victorian properties and we have a number of different sizes in stock to accommodate different room sizes and ceiling heights, our largest size LPC017 with a drop of 145mm and a projection of 210mm can be used for ceiling heights of upto 12 feet our two smaller sizes LPC030 drop 125mm projection 175mm and MPC065 drop 100mm projection 115mm can be used for medium and lower ceiling heights, if you are not sure which size would be suitable, we have a 'swan neck coving' sample pack which contains all our swan neck coving designs and sizes.

The egg and dart pattern, Acanthus leaves and dentil mouldings were all popular elements of Victorian plaster coving design, the origin of all these elements is in classical design, they all also featured heavily in Victorian furniture detail. 

Plain simple plaster coving was as now, cheaper in Victorian times, and used extensively in the private rooms of the house, or throughout what were at the time cheaper smaller properties, though such properties are by no means the cheapest 150 years later.

Popular Victorian plain coving designs often featured the ogee profile, our plaster coving mpc039 and Mpc051 are original period designs and still very popular today, the ogee profile was also widely used for internal joinery, and we have matching timber skirting boards in various sizes such as (product code) and ( product code) other popular Victorian plain plaster coving designs featured a simple curve such as LPC051.

There is no need to decorate a Victorian property as the Victorians would have, and we supply plenty of plaster coving to people who do no such thing, but if you would like to choose plaster coving in the style of the original Victorian coving, we hope this brief guide has been useful.