Victorian Collection

Many of our customers are restoring Victorian mouldings, which were ripped out in later alterations and now needs to be completely replaced. To make this task easier we have introduced our Victorian Collection; a range of carefully chosen period designs that cover all the main types of Victorian cornice, ceiling roses and dado. Cast in a range of sizes to ensure there is a cornice suitable for every type of Victorian house from the grandest villas to the smallest terrace. Every piece of cornice in the Victorian cornice collection is made in the traditional Victorian fashion, by hand in beautifully detailed moulds using the finest plaster.

The introduction of fibrous plaster during the period strengthened the cornice and means one way to tell a Victorian cornice is to look how far it projects across the ceiling. The later the period the cornice was made, the further it will project across the ceiling. The Victorians would also choose cornice to suite the specific function of the rooms, with the grandest cornice being used for the entrance hall and principle reception rooms in a house where guests would be entertained.

Victorian cornice was often richly decorated with designs from antiquity, the word cornice itself coming from ancient Greek referring to the carved stone at the top of a temple pediment.

All these elements are included in our Victorian Collection, with designs featuring Dentil & Modillion mouldings, Floral, Egg and Dart, Swan Neck Cornice and Ogee cornice. Along with the new Victorian cornice collection there is a full range of Victorian ceiling roses and dado and picture rails to help you completely restore a Victorian property.

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