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Our recently launched Georgian Collection features a range of carefully chosen period mouldings cornice, ceiling roses and dado that capture the style and elegance of Georgian interior design.

Georgian cornice was not mass produced as it was in the later Victorian period but was produced on site by skilled craftsmen; however advances in the materials from which moulds are now made, allows us to recreate off site authentic Georgian style Cornice in the finest detail without the prohibitively expensive cost of running cornice in situ.

Georgian design was heavily influenced by the architecture and decoration of antiquity, ancient Rome & Greece, and these themes were used throughout the house with the same elements often repeated in the internal joinery and plasterwork.

Although many of same decorative elements were used in Victorian cornice,such as Dentil and Egg and Dart mouldings, the relationship between the drop and projection can often be used as a good guide to their age. Georgian cornice can be told apart from later Victorian counterparts by its shallower ceiling projection. In Georgian mouldings there was much more emphasis on the decorative plaster frieze at the top of the wall and much less on the decorative mouldings encroaching into the ceiling.