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Ornate Victorian 520mm Plaster Ceiling Rose MPR062


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A typical victorian design, that once painted (the more coats the better) will look totally original in a Victorian house. This is a small ceiling rose ideal for halls landings and bedroom. If you are looking for something just as ornate except bigger, try LPR002, LPR001 and LPR004.

  • Outer Diameter 520mm & Inner Diameter 70mm

    This rose is exactly what many people think of when asked to picture a Victorian ceiling rose; ornate and finely carved in high relief. It’s how so many of the ceiling roses still in Victorian houses today would once have looked before, over the years, they were covered in layer upon layer of paint. If you are looking to replace ceiling roses removed from a Victorian property this is the sort of rose you need. Once you have put a couple of coats of paint on it, it will look like it has always been there. Watch one of these roses being made. All our ceiling roses are made this way.