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Plaques & Corbels

Diameter size
  1. 300 - 400mm (5)
  2. 501 - 600mm (1)

Plaster decorations add that extra touch of refinement to a room. We stock a number of plaques that complement our ceiling roses and cornice enabling you to pursue the same theme throughout. These plaques are handmade out of the finest casting plaster and look amazing when the details on them are picked out in colour. We stock square plaques and also a number of innovative roses large and small.

Decorative corbels are a perennial favourite of our customers, another classic embellishment whose origins lie in the Greek temples of antiquity. In Victorian times they were a staple feature of the hallway of many terraced houses and villas. They can be used to add grandeur to an entrance, go under a lintel to create the impression of support and do the same under a shelf, they can be used as a termination feature for running cornice into and can even be used to create the effect of a keystone in an arch. We stock three sizes of these versatile corbels all with that classic timeless appeal.

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  • Small Decorative Plaster Corbel PC007

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    H 195mm W 120mm P65mm

    This is the smallest plaster corbel that we stock. On its sides it has a traditional plain scroll with a more complex front, where through the centre of the scroll runs a rope with two stylised foliage bands on either side.

  • Victorian Decorative Plaster Corbel Medium PC011

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    H 300mm W 130mm P 135mm

    Our medium sized corbel PC011 looks good in a Victorian setting with its leafy scroll under a bold capping it has just the right hint of classicism that makes it ideal in a classic revival or even a Gothic setting.

  • Large Decorative Plaster Corbel PC010

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    H 290mm W 210mm P 190mm

    This large decorative plaster corbel has the classical looks that make it ideal for the entrance hall of a Victorian house. An attractive ornate scrolled bracket with a rich acanthus leaf moulding to the front, framed by two plain scrolls on the sides. It has many potential uses, for example under a lintel; to give the impression of supporting an arch or it could also be used as a termination feature for cornice.


  • Poppy Roundel Plaster Ceiling Rose 300mm dia. SPR004

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    A pretty ceiling flower that is new to our range. It resembles a poppy with a diameter of 300mm making it ideal for framing a small light fitting. Our customers have used this design to decorate the ceiling of a small room, space, or a landing. Small is beautiful. It is one of the smaller mouldings in our extensive ceiling rose range.

  • Tudor Rose Plaster Wall Plaque MPR024

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    Tudor Rose Plaster Wall Plaque, which has a diameter of 550mm at its widest point and can be used as either a wall or ceiling decoration.

  • Sunflower Plaster Wall Plaque WP005

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    This finely modelled floral plaster panel makes a fine addition to decorative plaster schemes featuring traditional sunflower designs and floral plaster coving, when the detail is picked out in colour the result is stunning. The measurements are 300mm x 300mm x 23mm.

    All our wall plaques are moulded by hand using high quality plaster.
  • Quatrefoil Plaster Plaque WP007

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    This plaster plaque features a central quatrefoil design moulded in heavy relief with an outer egg and dart moulding, once painted and within the right design scheme these wall plaques can look like they are hundreds of years old. The measurements are 300mm x 300mm x 23mm. All our wall plaques are moulded by hand using high quality plaster.

  • Square Floral Plaster Wall Plaque WP004

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    Reminiscent of early decorated English plaster work this design features a central floral design within an egg and dart outer frame. The measurements are 300mm x 300mm x 23mm. This plaster wall plaque is hand made from fine gypsum plaster.

  • Greek Key Square Plaster Wall Plaque WP006

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    This plaster wall plaques features an outer border of a Greek key and floral design with a large floral central motif, allowing it to be used in schemes with both our Greek key plaster coving and also our small floral plaster coving, or just on its own if you prefer, once painted these wall plaques really do look stunning. The measurements are 300mm x 300mm x 23mm  . All our wall plaques are moulded by hand using high quality plaster.

9 Item(s)