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Our other coving and cornice

These 'other' decorative and ornate cornice designs encapsulate rope patterned coving, swag and drop, and Fleur de Lys to name but three styles. Architectural details that catch the eye and lift the spirits. Fancy cornice does not mean fussy!

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  • Plaster Coving Astragal 80mm Drop MPC057

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    This Victorian plaster coving is unusual in that Victorian cornice is usually heavily decorated or plain - one or the other - this is a plain cornice featuring a decorative rope design known as an 'astragal'. This is a very old design that was popular again in Victorian times and can often seen on the exterior of buildings.

    **Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**
  • Plaster Coving Georgian Daisy 85mm SPC023

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    This is a contemporary version of a classic Georgian plaster cornice style with a relatively small projection into the ceiling. It has a drop of 85mm and a projection of 60mm. The informal modelling of the flowers (Daisies) above a single convex reed but between stakes or fencing, has a playful feel to it despite being surmounted by three more orthodox crisply cast steps.

    ***All our coving prices are per metre, not per length and include VAT.***

  • Plaster Coving Decorated 115mm Drop LPC008

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    An ornate plaster coving that comes in two sizes. This is the larger version featuring an ornate central frieze with a rope border above. It’s one of our more popular decorated cornice designs and it has been said to have an an Eastern feel to it. It’s often bought in large quantities to cove a whole house. Please see MPC031 for the smaller version of this coving design.

    **Our coving is priced per metre, not per length and includes VAT**

  • Plaster Coving Fleur de Lys 110mm Drop MPC003

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    Victorian period plaster coving design featuring a Fleur De Lys style frieze with mouldings above and below. Although an original Victorian coving, this is a very popular choice of customers who are styling much later properties.

    **Our coving is priced per metre,not per length includes VAT**
  • Plaster Coving Swag and Drop 100mm Drop MPC038

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    Plaster coving with a stylised swag and drop frieze, best used in conjunction with a plain ceiling rose, such as MPR051.

    **Our Coving is priced per metre, not per length includes VAT**

  • Plaster Coving Ornate Georgian 100mm Drop MPC031

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    A plaster coving, featuring a central frieze of a stylised Fleur De Lys with a rope border above, with a finely cast ceiling projection, this is the smaller of two sizes we stock of this design.

    **Our Coving is priced per metre, not per length includes VAT**

  • Plaster Coving Greek Key 100mm Drop MPC004

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    This plaster coving has a classical Greek Key moulding as a central band which was popular in both the Georgian and Victorian periods. A simple understated cornice that is perfect for replacing plaster work in a period property or for creating a mood of elegance in a modern home. We also have a range of Georgian style plaster ceiling roses and a Greek Key dado rail to match.

    **Our Coving is priced per metre, not per length includes VAT**

7 Item(s)