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Small Ceiling Roses

Diameter size
  1. 200 - 300mm (1)
  2. 300 - 400mm (5)
  3. 401 - 500mm (1)

Our small plaster ceiling roses

This is our fastest growing product category over the last year. Regular requests for smaller plaster ceiling roses from our customers made us realise we needed to respond and help out. So we set about developing a new range of ceiling roses that were all under 450mm in diameter. Choice is important so we now stock a range of plain and decorated smaller ceiling roses or ceiling centres as they're sometimes known, of various shapes and sizes. These smaller plaster ceiling roses are often chosen for new houses or for use in small rooms and landings.

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  • Gothic Plaster Ceiling Rose 440mm dia. MPR002

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    This plaster ceiling rose has a gothic feel to it with heavy relief moulding making it a very popular choice for Victorian houses, this rose is also available in a larger 680mm size, please see LPR001 in the Large Plaster Ceiling Rose section
  • Small Acanthus Rings Plaster Ceiling Rose 360mm dia. SPR006

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    Small and perfectly formed, this is a little jewel of a Victorian ceiling rose. The plaster casting is exquisite for a rose that is only 360mm in diameter. Crisply moulded in the finest plaster it is the signature small roundel in our new Victorian collection. The dual ring of acanthus leaf decorations highlights what was a period staple motif for many floral ceiling roses. At its heart is a boldly executed inner ring with a diameter of 100mm. We sell many types of ceiling rose but pound for pound this is one of the staff favourites at Plaster Ceiling Roses.

  • Small Palmette Plaster Ceiling Rose 330mm dia. SPR005

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    An unassuming Victorian ceiling rose that is richly decorated with a palmette border. Its small size (diameter 330m) and the wide plain surface of the inner ring, make it an ideal choice for a situation where the light fitting is going to be the focus in a relatively small space like on a landing or in a corridor. Wherever this little plaster ceiling rose is used it will make the ceiling look complete, well finished and elegant. 

  • Ceiling Rose Small 340mm dia. SPR008

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    Diameter 340mm Small but perfectly formed this plaster rose is the smallest size that we stock of a very popular design (bigger versions are MPR066 and LPR032). Created with alternating convex and concave rings the pleasing shape of SPR008 is well balanced, unfussy and provides the perfect backdrop for your lighting.
  • Small Plaster Ceiling Rose 230mm dia. SPR007

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    This is the smallest plain plaster ceiling rose in our range, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in elegance. Concentric circles of finely cast plaster radiate like the ripples in a pool after a stone has been dropped in. When you need a very small ceiling rose this will fit the bill and look good in most period properties.
  • Oval Plaster Ceiling Rose 430mm x 310mm dia. MPR001

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    Oval  plaster ceiling rose with scalloped edges and a beaded inner border, with an acanthus leaf central decoration, hand made from plaster this oval ceiling rose can be used purely for decoration or with a light fitting.
  • Poppy Roundel Plaster Ceiling Rose 300mm dia. SPR004

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    A pretty ceiling flower that is new to our range. It resembles a poppy with a diameter of 300mm making it ideal for framing a small light fitting. Our customers have used this design to decorate the ceiling of a small room, space, or a landing. Small is beautiful. It is one of the smaller mouldings in our extensive ceiling rose range.

  • Five small roses pack WP010

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    A pack of five small decorative plaster roses, each with a diameter of 130mm. Simple and versatile flowers for an interior decorative scheme. They can be used as corners in dado panels or on their own to add texture and interest to an otherwise plane wall or ceiling. Alternatively they can be colourfully painted fun flowers in children's bedroom as unlike plastic decorations our plaster roses are inert, posing no fire risk whatsoever. Protect your family from the risk of fire and noxious fumes - always use real plaster decorations over cheap plastic substitutes.

8 Item(s)