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How to Fit a Plaster Ceiling Rose - VIDEO

A step by step guide that shows you how to install a plaster ceiling rose.

Classic Ceiling Rose Plaster Ceiling Rose 520mm dia. MPR064

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Handmade out of the finest gypsum this clean and simple ceiling rose has a pleasing symmetry that is easy on the eye and a tactile quality that can't be replicated using other materials.  A duo of concentric rings are separated by a concave ring and border, which makes this the perfect complement to classic cavetto coving. It is new to our range but this beautifully plain and simple rose with its modest size has proved extremely popular (overall diameter of 520mm, diameter of the inner ring 70mm).  

Sunflower Plaster Ceiling Rose 520mm dia. MPR006

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Crisp moulding makes this sunflower plaster ceiling rose a popular choice for all types of property. It is an attractive vibrant floral design that will brighten up any ceiling; a timeless design that subtly complements and frames your light fitting without making too bold a statement. Additionally it blends well with many different types of coving and its 520mm size is just right for a modern house.

Plaster Ceiling Rose 470mm dia. MPR065

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This plaster ceiling rose is a classic design in a very popular size. The plain elegant geometric style of this rose works as a understated backdrop to your light fittings and its versatility makes it suitable for smaller rooms, or even entrance halls and landings. Once up and decorated it will look like its always been there.

Victorian Plaster Ceiling Rose 500mm dia. MPR022

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One of our more understated Victorian designs featuring acanthus leaves as a wide outer border with a plainly moulded centre, with an outer diameter of 500mm this is a very popular design. The diameter of the inner ring is 75mm.